Marketing and Manifestation Secrets Course

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Lost on how to market your business? We got you!

In this course, you'll get the unfair advantage to sustainable, rapid success in your business. We've compiled the top 8 marketing methods that you NEED right now to pull in customers and rake in sales!

I've helped thousands of business owners go from $0 to 6+ figures in a year.  I've also helped over 85 people build multi-million dollar businesses! Now, I'm doing giving you the INSIDE SCOOP. So that you can see super-fast growth and success!

For over 15 years, We've helped business owners turn their dreams into reality.
We've taught them how to take their product to the marketplace, attract their ideal client and sell to a group of excited buyers who were begging to buy from them.

The key to online success is attracting your own grown of clients and customer who need and want what you're offering. When you market your product in the right way the clients will flood in with card in hand ready to purchase.

 Normally, I'd only give this type of trainings in my Success Mastery Business School. For the first time ever, I've created 8 in depth trainings to help you accelerate your business success!

So If you have a product or service and you want to increase your sales...This is the course for you! Sign up today!

  • 8 Live Training Sessions with Dr. Stacia and her team of marketing experts ~ $8997 value
  • Boost sales using proven marketing methods and funnel formulas.
  • Includes the mindset, the language and sales page examples from this proven selling approach.
  • Templates of my six-figure sales pages, million-dollar funnels, and how to craft your own.
  • Vetted marketing software resource list—we’ll show you how to get started.
  • Funnel Marketing Blueprint—to customize your customer journey and make more $$.
  • Secrets to creating loyal customers that buy EVERYTHING you offer.
  • Learn how to showcase your product so that people are begging you to buy it.
  • Discover how to build an email list from your Social Media following.
  • How to use text marketing to generate 6 figures and beyond.
  • A content calendar filled with posting ideas and inspiration.
  • Our top go-to site for hiring help to do the tech stuff you don’t want to do!
  • Get the secrets to selling through the camera lens.
  • Implementation and hot seat opportunity during the sessions!
  • Two months of sales conversion support with Stacia’s Ask The Expert Forum.
  • Million Dollar Swipe File: high-converting marketing funnels that have made millions!

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