Manifest 10 Fold Master Class

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Exciting video course is designed to help you uncover your own genius and write your way to success. With 10 Days of journaling exercises, you'll get answers to all your burning questions and gain so much clarity and confidence around your ideas, products, and services. 


  • Ten video lessons delivered daily over 10 days.
  • Exclusive resource center where you can chat with other students, ask questions and share your success stories.
  • Special opportunities available only for students.


If you’re an entrepreneur or business person that is struggling to get started with your business or to tap into your million-dollar genius idea... or maybe you have an idea yet you still find yourself STUCK, frustrated and overwhelmed…  

I want to introduce you to my most exciting masterclass. I’m really pumped about sharing this with you because this information is a real game-changer.  

This masterclass was inspired from my IRL (In real life) entrepreneurial journey and that of my clients.  

I have learned from experience that no matter how many secrets, systems and strategies we obtained, the real key to unlocking wealth is what’s happening inside of your mind.  

If you’ve ever felt like you’ve been sabotaging your own success… Or getting in your own way… Or repelling the abundance that you really desire…  

Then this master class is for YOU.  

  • You’re ready to stop trying to force success and allow it to happen for you organically. 
  • You’re tired of nearly reaching your goal and coming up short. 
  • You’re ready to define your authentic voice, and market to your own tribe. 
  • You really just want to create ingenious products and services that change the world.  


This 10 Day journaling challenge will jumpstart your success by helping you discover what matters most to you, tap into your God-given genius so that you can confidently attract an endless stream of clients ready to work with you.  

Using The Success Journal and my never-before-seen journaling prompts, I’m showing you what you need to do from within to create the dream life you’ve always desired.  

  • You’ll gain the confidence and clarity you need to boldly market your product and services.  
  • You’ll feel so inspired and accomplished after just 10 days of journaling using these thought-provoking, answer inducing prompts!  
  • You’ll be amazed at how quickly the results will show up in your life!  

Personally, I’ve been able to double my income in only a few months, secure major 7-figure deals, attract national media coverage using these journaling prompts I’ll be sharing with you during this workshop.  

I am a champion of the power of journaling and I’m going to show you how to attract your greatest desires.  


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