The ultimate manifestation book for people
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Dream Big, Script Your Life, And Manifest Your Greatest Desires.

Creative Prompts That Make Journaling So Easy You'll Fall In Love With The Process.

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Success Journal Candy Stripe

Success Journal Candy Stripe

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The Success Journal is the ultimate manifestation tool. It's designed to help envision your dream and make it a reality.

Created by manifestation expert, best-selling author and business mentor Stacia Pierce, The Success Journal combines proven scientific journaling principles with creative application to offer a extraordinary way to manifest your greatest desires.

It's designed for the person who wants to breakthrough into the life of their dreams. The Success Journal is a vision planner created to inspire you to live an extraordinary life. It moves you to consider the possibilities and take action.

Reach More Goals In Less Time

Created for a 30-day success cycle, The Success Journal allows you to focus on a few goals for one month at a time. By giving laser-like attention to goal achievement a weekly basis, you will manifest much more.

Quick Start Guide

Quickly catch on to our unique journaling style for optimum results

Quotes and Affirmations

Record Inspiring quotes and affirmation that help you speak your dreams into existence.

Big Vision 

See your way to success with words and pictures to visualize your goals.

Big Goals 

Supersize your dreams and goals with our 101 goals list. Imagine your life from a big picture format.

Color Coded Inspiring Dividers

Beautiful colors and thought-provoking words you to stay focused and productive.

As entrepreneurs, we know that business isn’t all numbers. In most cases we have to dig deeper to manifest our truest desires and favorable outcomes. It requires spiritual centering, where you can align yourself mind, body and spirit to manifest miraculous results. God has intended many great things for you in your life and business, it’s up to you to accept and attract it into your life.

I use my Success Journal as a main manifestation tool to achieve my goals and desires. Don’t underestimate the power of writing in a journal to bring about your greatest desires. I have done it over and over again.

This practice is so powerful that I want to spread the word about just how easy it is to attract what you want into your life.

When I started scripting my life in my success journal, miraculous events occurred over and over again. I received healing in my body and attracted my dream home, plus new cars within days of writing it down.

I’ve written my affirmations in my journal to increase attendance at my event and it happened just the way I wrote it. I wrote commanding statements of truth to become a top winner in Oprah’s contest and it happened!

I've manifested national magazine exposure... Major corporation contracts, new clients, new products, new clothes and a new more exciting and fulfilling life—all from scripting my success in my journal!

C. Hunter

I became intentional with using my Success Journal and began declaring and writing that "money comes to me easily and effortlessly" and sure enough within 1 week of affirming, I manifested an unexpected $2,000 out of nowhere in my bank account, and get this, 1 week later another $2,000. Yes, within 2 weeks I manifested $4,000.

R. Ohene-Amoako

One of my 101 goals written in my Success Journal was to be completely debt free in our personal finances. I got a $6000 deposit out of nowhere from some money that was owed me. With this, we are now completely debt free with the exception of our home! The prayers are already being answered! What's written is real! Proudly checked it off my goal list and rewriting my 101 goals over again in my new monthly Success Journal today! Thank you Dr. Stacia and your team for all you do!!

Erin Johnson

When I was only making $400/wk, I wrote in my Success Journal that I wanted to make $100K Year. I had no idea how it would happen but I used the Success Journal to envision my financial increase by writing in detail what my life would be like when I was making that money. I created vision pages and wrote in my journal everyday. Soon, I started getting big commission deals on my job and by the end of the year, I had earned $102,000! I literally wrote new life in my journal and now I am living it out. Thank you Dr. Stacia!

Rosene J.

I've had so many major victories since I started using the Success Journal. I've manifested exotic trips around the world, to six-figure financial increase for my job. I was selected as top 40 Under 40 Professional in my city. Anything I can dream up and write down in my journal... It manifests!


Rheami L.

Using the Success Journal, I was able to find myself. I connected with things that made me happy. As a mom and wife, it's easy to get caught up in parenting and wife duties, but my journal helped me indulge in what I truly love. I ended up starting a blog and now I have so much fun creating content for it. And I've attracted collaborations and recognition from it as well. One of my dreams is to travel the world, I've manifested countless trips that I've written about in my Success Journal. It's an amazing life tool.

Shirica G.

The Success Journal writing process has changed my life. I've survived Cancer, manifested my dream home with a pool and my dream job! I've written my first book and sold out! Everything has changed since I started journaling. Now I dream big, write it down, meditate and manifest...It works every time! That's why I buy my journals in bulk and always have one ready for the next month!

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This is product title

What customers are saying...
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Success Journal Candy Stripe

Success Journal Candy Stripe

What customers are saying...
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