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If you’ve been wishing and wanting…

  • To learn my supernatural strategies I have taught to make people millions of dollars!
  • To get interaction to cause you to unlock places you've been stuck
  • To hone in on your intuition in an interactive way with a spiritual expert.
  • To sleep in peace at night, knowing something good is about to happen.
  • To have confidence over contention and stop worrying about your future.
  • Unlock all the places that your money has been held up.
  • Keep your money flowing and remove congestion.
  • To get a personal demonstration of manifestation to release your increase permanently.
  • To manifest more money miracles on a daily basis.
  • To increase positive outcomes in your life.

Then you'll love this Supernatural Success Workshop. 

Imagine what will begin to happen if you tap into your super powers and knew how to apply them to your daily life to bring about success in your love life, your body, your career, your finances and your future.  If you had a road map that took you straight to a place of abundance, wealth and health, wouldn't you follow it? In this one day lock in, you literally transform your life and take quantum leaps to manifest things that have been seemingly held back from you. This event is purposed to change your entire life and take you to your new reality. Yes, everything in your life really can change at one event. 

This will be an event with constant demonstration
of manifestation.

Here's What You'll Learn From the Supernatural Sessions

  • How to intentionally unlock the secrets to journaling, affirmations and meditation for swift manifestation of your biggest dreams like you've never seen before.
  • How to effectively and successfully get out of ANY financial situation, (with the 7 supernatural secrets that unleash abundance) so that you’ll never be frustrated or in fear about where your next dollar comes from.
  • How to attract national attention for yourself in the best way without begging for attention. So that you don’t feel like you have to compromise for the recognition you serve. When you apply my principles, people will literally seek you out!
  • How to use your intuition to increase sales, get promoted, attract success and wealth into your life.
  • Get the supernatural keys to Unlock your money vault. The place where your abundance, trips, homes, finances and ideal family situations reside.


For years, Stacia has reserved this kind of coaching experience for exclusive clients. Now at a fraction of the cost, you can have a day with Dr. Stacia and personally experience the supernatural for yourself to help you with your business and life.

Dr. TK Jackson

Clinical Psychologist

I've attended events that turned where the atmosphere shifted into something extraordinary. The guidance I Received from Stacia on that day changed my business income and my life forever. 

William Land

Urban planner & Owner of the Orlando Travel Guide

The Supernatural Success Seminar brought me a whole new awareness of how to use journaling, affirmations and meditation to manifest my deepest desires that had been on hold for years. It's amazing that I left this seminar and within 3 weeks, one of the core things I really wanted and had been waiting on for years happened effortlessly. I'll be at every one she hosts.

Mike & Dawn Evans

Sotheby's Real Estate Agent and Interior Design Sales

What I learned in the Supernatural Success Seminar changed the finances of future generations of my family. Dr. Stacia answered questions that I had in my head that I didn't even get a chance to answer. She told me how to accomplish my deepest dreams that I had never spoken to anybody. When you say supernatural, I could feel a tangible shift and a tingle in my body.

Dr. Jada Jackson

LMHC,TV Personality, Author

I have used and love all of Dr. Stacia tools. But one thing that I love most about having Stacia as my life coach is the spiritual grounding. She taught me how  to take my ideas and turn them into income.  She taught me how to accomplish my next business endeavor and my deepest dreams.

Seating is limited, Reserve your seat Today!

One Day Exclusive Workshop with Dr. Stacia Pierce. Date: December 14, 2019 Location: Wyndham Grand Orlando Resort-Bonnet Creek, Orlando, Fl Time: 12pm-10pm EST Discover the secret to adding POWER to your goals and plans. You'll learn specific techniques to add the 'super' to your natural actions. In this session attendees will have the opportunity for spiritual guidance concerning their life goals directly from Dr. Stacia Pierce who will be using her spiritual gifts plus business savvy to equip you with outstanding strategies that guarantee results. One of the TOP reasons clients are drawn to Stacia is her spiritual authority. With
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