Designing an Intentionally Successful Home

Designing an Intentionally Successful Home

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We all want to live an intentional life; one that brings fulfillment and great rewards. The more intentional you live the more success you have…the more dreams are fulfilled and the more opportunities emerge.

That’s why designing an intentionally successful home is so key; especially as an entrepreneur. Your home is your headquarters; a place to retreat, refresh and get rejuvenated. Therefore, you want your household systems décor and atmosphere to be designed so well that there is a natural flow towards success. You can work better and win bigger when your household is in harmony with you as you pursue your passions. Designing an intentionally successful home is one of the most powerful things you can do to insure long-term success for you and your family—and you are holding the secrets to do so right in your hand.

The Designing an Intentional Home Course walks you through transforming your space into one that you’ll love…plus you’ll learn timeless foundational principles to building a great family.


The workbook Includes15 complete lessons for the family and home.

  • Designing your life with purpose
  • designing your home Mission statement
  • The power of vision in your home.
  • Goal setting for success
  • Designing a family team
  • Designing a growth environment in your home.
  • Promoting Positivity in your home
  • Building Self-Esteem in Your Family and Yourself.
  • Designing a Family Legacy
  • Designing A Personal Space
  • Enjoy Solitary Pursuits
  • The Art of Enjoying Life.
  • Journaling for Success
  • The Joy of Reading
  • The Art of Letter Writing.



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