How To Write A Book and Market It

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Most people hold on to a book idea for years and years...They are passionate about their message and have a strong desire to make a contribution to the world, But for some reason, delayed the process of writing their own book.

Sometimes, you’re afraid to start writing due to a lack confidence Or you’re stuck on a myth that says you need to be an excellent writer to write a book.

Well, I want you to know that it’s just not true!

 Anybody can write a book!

In this lesson, I will show you just how easy writing your own book can be. You'll get systems, hacks and proven methods to turn your ideas into published words on the page! 

In This Course, You'll Get:

1. Complete guide from start to finish on writing a book. 
2. Guide to Ebook writing 
3. How to Design a book cover. 
4. Where to self-publish your book and get hard copies or sell digitally. 
5. How to digitally deliver your book
6. How to Market your book for Maximum Sales! 


As the author of over 24 books and 50 manuals, Stacia Is well versed in the book writing process and has helped over 1000 people write books and sell them. If you want to learn her no-fail secret to writing a book and use her profit producing marketing strategies…get this course!

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