Makeover Your Life in 30 Days System

Makeover Your Life in 30 Days System

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Get Ready for a 30 Day Makeover! You'll transform your business from the inside out with practical advice, exciting exercises, thought provoking topics and a workbook to guide you through the process. You'll also get a map and audio program with 30 short coaching sessions from Stacia for daily use. In just minutes a day, adopt a new mindset, set goals and achieve them!

The Entrepreneurs 30-Day Makeover program empowers you to transform your life and get rapid results. You can get more done in 30 days than the average person does in 30 years! I lay it out for you step-by-step, with a jargon-free simplified approach to developing yourself into a remarkable awe-inspiring magnetic business owner that attracts more clients, makes more money and works less hours than ever before. This is a physical product and will be mailed to you. *Workbook and map comes in digital format.

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