Millionaire Wealth Accelerator

Millionaire Wealth Accelerator

$997.00 USD

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EVENT: The Millionaire Wealth Accelerator
WHEN: September 25, 2021
WHERE: Wyndham Grand Resort Bonnet Creek, Orlando, FL

14651 Chelonia Pkwy, Orlando, FL 32821
(407) 390-2300

Time: 1pm-9pm EST.


Join us For 1 Day This September And I’ll Give You All My Shortcuts And The Exact Steps You Need for a MASSIVE WEALTH INCREASE. Get the secrets to Multiplying Your Income, Increasing your Millionaire Confidence, and tap into the power of manifesting a constant flow of money all the time.

This life-changing event will help you get more clients, make a LOT more money while working much LESS (enjoying every moment!).  Dr. Stacia has already created over 30 millionaires....the information you'll get in this lock-in event will change your life!!

Here’s what you’ll get when you make the commitment to register for 
The Millionaire Wealth Accelerator.

1. Top wealth actions to take to multiply your income consistently and quickly.

2. Complete strategy to getting multiple streams of income.

3. How to profit from your investments. CASHOUT and prosper.

4. Setting up your prosperity infrastructure to constant increase.

5. This one-day workshop will be a deep dive into wealth building, unlike anything I've shared before. You'll get wealth secrets and opportunities exclusive to the attendees.

6. Onsite assistance and guidance to get you set up with apps, and programs for wealth multiplication.

More details to come! Register now, seats are limited to 100 people only.

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